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Victoria Brown

“Discovering the Best Version of You”

I am a Certified Health and Life Coach who specializes in functional, holistic, nutrition. Disease and illness start in the gut region, balancing and correcting the malfunction restores good health. Lifestyle is also an important factor for healing and maintaining optimal health. Determining the source of an illness leads to treating the core of the problems with positive long-term results. My background includes working as a medical assistant and a radiation therapist with cancer patients for two decades. I switched to massage therapy in 1997, for a more natural way to help people in a quieter and soothing environment. After a serious neck and shoulder injury along with other health struggles I can no longer perform as a massage therapist because pain and limited use of my neck & left arm. I still want to help people get what they need. I enrolled in health coaching and found that there are natural solutions to rid the body of pain and anxiety. I help people get what they want, and the coaching helped me figure out what was going with me. Once I knew what the problems were, I could directly address this and begin to heal.

This process does not happen overnight, it takes commitment to make permanent changes. In the last two years I have made many positive changes that have improved my life immensely. I believe this is possible because I found out how to restore myself and why what I was doing, no longer worked for me. I have a lifetime of experience working with patients, clients, family and myself suffering with a variety of pain, anxiety, fear, and emotional wounds. I customize these sessions to help solve your issues.

Mission Statement

To Create an environment that helps you discover the Best Version of you by:
– Uncovering what stops you from getting exactly What You Want
– Developing a powerful vision for your Total Transformation
– Creating a positive atmosphere to Live a Better Life
– Initiating a Compassionate Means of Changing Habits
– Using a step by step process with action steps to Achieve Your Goals
– Holding you accountable to Follow Through with Your Plan

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